Your objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need resources, planets, solar systems and life forms to man your ships.

In each level you need to build a fleet of starships, have a strong resource base and then to succeed you need to destroy the enemy mothership. Once you have achieved this you can move onto another solar system and continue your conquest for the galaxy.

Starting the Game

The first thing you must do is create starships for defense/offense and planet colonisation. Only your monthership can produce starships and you must defend it with your life.

Colonising planets is essential to gain resources (gas and ore) that can then be used to build more ships.

Only one type of ship can be used to colonise a planet - the Bomber unit. Make sure you have at least one of these at any one time - don't use all your resources without first building this unit!

The more planets you take, the more resources you will have to defeat the enemy and destroy their mothership.

You will gain new units as you progress through the game and as you upgrade your mothership.


Planets contain the resources you require to conquer the galaxy and defeat your enemy. Each planet may have different levels of resources so you will need to take as many as possible to produce your fleet of starships.

Once you have taken a planet you will need to protect it by leaving a minimum number of ships orbiting it.

Planets can be upgraded by clicking on them - this will increase resource production from that planet.


You have a range of defensive and offensive ships that can be used to win the game. Initially however, you only have a couple of the basic starships that are required to fulfill your objectives.

It is important to upgrade your mothership when you have the resources, allowing you to research new starship types that will be required to defeat an increasingly more challenging enemy as you progress through the galaxy.

Different starships move at different speeds. You can select each ship individually to move it from one point to another or click and drag a group of ships to move them. If you have a mixed group of starships, the armada will only move at the speed of the slowest unit in the group.

The mothership is the slowest unit and really should only be moved short distances in the game.

Your starships will engage enemy fighters if they become a threat (get too close). You can at any time call back units that are fighting a losing battle, but be warned it could cost you a planet or worse.


Mouse click or click and drag to select unit(s) and then click where you want them to go.

Click a unit a second time to unselect it.

Arrow keys to scroll around solar system or simply click on a location in the small map to go there.

Click on a conquered planet to upgrade it's resource production levels.

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