Background Story

The fabled Leon Wars, named after the murdered son of King Rodrick, has been raging for almost a century. The king's son was murdered by the slave (and monster) race, the Draylocks. No one quite knows why the Draylocks did this, as all those directly responsible were executed very early on. But it is clear, the Draylocks have had enough of serving humans and lust for power.

There is now an ongoing struggle for supremacy and a need to conquer new lands by both human and monster races.


Your objective in this game is to play either the humans or the Draylocks. Either species has it's own advantages and disadvantages. In either case, your main objective is to conquer the free lands, expand your domain and exterminate the opposition.

Starting the Game

To begin playing, you must first build an army. You are permitted to have up to 3 armies when the game begins. All new armies are assembled in the home castle awaiting deployment.

An army comprises a hero and fighting units. The hero is required to command the army and boost fighting skills of individual units. Depending on the skill level of a hero, the impact it has on unit ability and the number of units it controls varies.

After a hero is purchased, you must place it along with individual fighting units in the battle squares. When selecting a unit consider it's placement carefully, as some unit types can only attack enemy that is adjacent to them.

General statistics of your hero or fighting units are shown in the information box at the bottom of the screen.

Healing, Upgrading, and Selling squares are all located in the build/modify army screen. Each can be used by simply dragging a unit to the appropriate square. A player can heal, upgrade or sell any unit at any time except during a combat situation.


Not all fighting units are available when the game begins. You need to upgrade your technology and units in the research area before a unit can be upgraded and new units become available. Be cautious with your research, as it costs money and you may need it early on just to build your army. Upgrading may take from 1 to 3 turns depending on what is being researched.


Once you have created your army it can be used to attack surrounding villages, mines or churches. This is important to expand your kingdom and to also generate an income needed to pay for military improvements and research.

You can view the general strength of a village/mine/church by placing your mouse over it. You will be shown the XP of the units defending it, allowing you to decide if you are strong enough to attack.

If an enemy army is nearby, you can attack it directly. Remember, any enemy force being attacked in a fortified location (e.g. a village) will have a defensive advantage over the attacking army. Also, as you progress further away from your home castle, the enemy will become stronger.

When a combat situation occurs you are presented with the fighting screen where your units face the enemy. Depending on the experience level and types of units you have you will be able to attack the enemy at different times in this turn-based fighting sequence. Some units have special abilities that may come in handy in killing the enemy sooner. Experiment with unit placement and unit types. Remember to research units and upgrade them to build a stronger army.

Conquered Territories

Once you have conquered new land, you are given the option of fortifying it with a militia. This is important to stop any internal revolts from occurring if the land is left unguarded and to also protect it from enemy attack.

You can add to or adjust the fortifications of new land at any time during the game - you do not necessarily have to fortify immediately after taking it (especially if you don't have enough money!)

End of Turn

Once your armies have completed whatever tasks you have set them and you are satisfied with the general defence of your land and research etc. You can click the End Turn button. This will allow the enemy to make their move and also allow your research to progress.


Mouse click to select your army. Mouse click again to direct your army where you want it to go. Double mouse click to view unit placement in an army.

Mouse click to select a village, mine or church. Double mouse click to view its militia and defensive situation.

Arrow keys to scroll map left/right/up/down.

Space bar to deselect army/village/mine/church.

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